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Title: Five times Rory didn't kiss the Doctor and one time he did
by looking4tarzan
Rating PG
Pairings: Amy/Rory, Rory/Eleven/Amy friendship and mild Rory/Eleven with added Amy
Warnings: SPOILERS FOR ALL OF SEASON 5, and mention of rescue from drowning
Disclaimer NOT MINE
Word count 5,968
x-posted to got_my_boys and ponchoboys

Beta-d by the awesome rl4sb4eva Who also had to put up with the 1am phone calls! All mistakes are mine. And curiously not tried a 5 times before...well here goes

Five times Rory didn't kiss the Doctor and one time he didCollapse )

Fic: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Title: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
by looking4tarzan
Rating G Amy/Rory, Rory/Eleven friendship.... or preslash if you squint or have the slash goggles welded (like me)
Disclaimer NOT MINE
Word count 3,346

Thanks to rl4sb4eva for the beta, and the cheerleading. So this one's for you, sorry no Octopus this time! All mistakes are mine.

Old, New, Borrowed, BlueCollapse )

Fanvid: Take you home

Title: Take you Home
by: looking4tarzan
Song: Take you Home by a1 (and believe me that is revenge enough!!)
Fandom and pairing: Doctor Who (2005), eleven/rory
Rating: g, please view with whichever goggles you have attached. Friendship, slash et al
Warnings: Spoilers for ALL OF SEASON 5!

Summary: The Doctor lets him in!

You can download it here on divshare at 14.17MB

We've got ten more minutes to go I said!Collapse )

Two fanvids

Two fanvids. Both by myself.

Video: Bump in the Night
Song: Bump in the night by All*STARS
Fandom and Pairing: SGA fanvid, for episode Doppelganger. No pairing (McShep if you squint)

download here

It's very Scooby Doo!Collapse )

Video: Sanctuus
Song: Sanctuary by the Echoing Green
Fandom and Pairing: Sanctuary Fanvid, season 1 no pairing except canon, possible mocking of Mr Dunne :p

download here

You, define, the line, between human and divineCollapse )

Fic: Two Squared

Title: Two Squared
by looking4tarzan
Rating G (er Pg13 to be safe) Rory/Eleven preslash....if you squint or have the slash goggles welded (like me)
Warnings: Exceedingly mild D/s... if you squint seriously so mild it's like fairy (although I wouldn't wash your dishes with it)
Disclaimer NOT MINE
Spoiler warning: None

Thanks to rl4sb4eva for the beta, all mistakes are mine. SORRY THERE WAS NO PORN HUN! Just FYI never written DW fic before, but TW yeaaaaaaaaaaah. Oh and x-posted to ponchoboys

Some days, Rory thought, it isn't even worth chewing through the straps.Collapse )


28 New Amsterdam icons


More New Amsterdam Icons

Episode 3 this time

And what is on offer under the cut! (one spoiler as to a line! underneath)

New Amsterdam Episode 3Collapse )


Some icons

Some Icons

And here's a quick glimpse

New Amsterdam Episode 1 and 2Collapse )


Fic: I won't crash the car

Title: I won't Crash the car (croeso y cymru!verse)
by looking4tarzan
Rating: NC-17 pwp foursome, crossover with Torchwood
Notes: sequel to 'Period Military is the not the dress code of a straight man' and 'Rhowch eich dwylo ar fy pen ôl'. This is technically part 5 of 5, I've jumped 3 and 4. Because 3 isn't typed up and 4 isn't written yet. Apologies this is like a YEAR late.
Title Notes: title from what nearly happened when the idea came to me!
No warnings except this is a foursome ficand you know...slashy.
Thoroughly beaten and moulded into submission, aka beta-d by rl4sb4eva

Onward for the boysCollapse )