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Fic: Geek

Title: Geek
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay (mcDUH?)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sheppard was always a geek at heart
Spoilers: none really.
Word count: 3,300 (jeez that many)

Disclaimer: No characters from SGA are mine....and if they were oh my I'd die happy.

Thanks to ruthie_sgc for the beta, even if i had to poke with a big stick. and to Krow who helped too.

Also this is my first EVER mcshep AND porn fic...so it's scaring me slightly...so be gentle

Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated...so send the love!

John had always had a geek as a best friend, well technically fellow geek, since he’d been small. In high school, he’d been one of the geeks, clever and logical, he wasn’t out of place at all. He’d not always been the toned soldier that the Atlantis expedition perceived him to be.
In high school he’d been tall and lanky, his hair in curtains, he’d always known he wanted to fly. He’d applied to the Air Force Academy in Colorado as soon as he could. Nevertheless, he was still that geeky Jonathan inside, with a penchant for math and his old world of war hammer collection.
He’d never been that stereotypical outright jock; sure he’d played football like he should have been. Perhaps he thought rebelliously, that it made him a well-rounded individual.
At High school, he had been a geek, and like his fellow geeks he liked girls, unlike them he liked guys too. It didn’t bother him, it was the person inside he was attracted to, no matter what gender they were.
After his years at the Academy, his companions tended to be of the military and don’t ask don’t tell variety. It had been like burying part of himself. Then he’d flown General O’Neill to Antarctica, and it felt like pulling on an old pair of trainers he’d missed wearing. All this interesting stuff! It was also the day he’d met Rodney McKay.
A word to describe Rodney McKay could be prickly. But a year and a half, or more, later, John had to admit, he had a geek as a best friend again, as well as two aliens and a variety of people he would never have expected to meet, never mind make friends with.
Still it was good to have a best friend like that. However Rodney and the science team made John’s cleverness pale in comparison. Not that he didn’t enjoy baiting them, and the look of surprise on Rodney’s face when he did math as quickly as Rodney could.
However the Atlantian perception of him was a grunt, the chief military grunt to be exact. Still it made a refreshing change not being the sharpest tool in the box. He left that title to Rodney and Zelenka.
John leaned on the door frame of the lab, he’d come to drag Rodney towards the mess, where he’d left Ronon and Teyla. Rodney was talking to a female linguist, who was the only other person now left in the lab, along with Rodney.
“I’d rather not.” she was saying looking uncomfortable.
“Oh come on.”
“Dr McKay” she sighed. “I can play chess, but I’m not very good. I can’t possibly be a decent opponent for you.”
“Come on, please. One game.” Rodney was wheedling, John realised. It took another second for John to understand what was going on. He then fought a wave of irrational jealousy. Rodney was trying his best to flirt with her, and she had missed the point. Ok maybe being a complete nerd had its positive points. It also helped that he knew that linguist, spent most of her lunch times making googly eyes at Major Lorne, when she thought the young major wasn’t looking. John smiled, he’d have to send them on a few missions together. Just because he currently wasn’t getting any, didn’t detract from the joys of matchmaking. He coughed loudly, making Rodney jump and glare at him.
“Can I have a moment McKay?” he said. The linguist gave him a look of utter relief and departed at warp speed. McKay then rounded on him.
“You had no right to interrupt…”
John cut him off. “McKay she wasn’t interested and she wasn’t getting your not so subtle hint.”
McKay looked like he was going to explode.
“Come on, dinner. Before you get all hypoglycaemic on me.” he said shoving McKay towards the door. “Plenty more fish in the sea, and like most geeks she is slow on the uptake when is comes to social relationships.”
Rodney sighed, and John fell into step beside him.
“Sheppard?” he asked suddenly. “Am I completely unattractive? Am I doomed not to get laid for the rest of my life?”
“Only if you eat the lemon mousse for dessert” John smiled.
“Do you know something I don’t?” Rodney was saying
“Not really.” John shrugged. “Just if you did ask everyone on Atlantis and the mainland, it is statistically improbably that every single one would say no.”
Rodney gave him that ‘OMG you do math!’ look, which always made John smile.
“I wish you would stop doing that!” Rodney snarked
“With your mouth.” he said, “besides it’s wrong for you to be able to do math, it’s just wrong!”
They walked into the mess, Rodney went and grabbed a tray. John followed and noted that the linguist was back to her favourite hobby of drooling into her dinner, and doing her googly eyed thing. He and Rodney sat down, and talked. Well Rodney talked while spooning food into his mouth. John half listened as he ate.

It was, he realised, a really bad idea. A bad idea to be in a closet during a power cut, and being unable to find the manual override. Plus being stuck in here with McKay, was reminding him very much that he was indeed a red blooded bisexual male. Mind you being squashed up that close to someone, was probably a really bad time to realise that you had a major jones for their ass. And Rodney’s constant fidgeting meant, he was moving and rubbing far to close to Johns really personal space than John wanted. Especially if you had a jones for their ass, weren’t quite ready to tell them and really did not want to have to explain the raging hard on that he’d seemed to have developed.
“McKay” he growled, as the scientist continued to mess with wires and crystals. They heard a voice outside, the linguist.
“Colonel Sheppard, are you in there?”
“Yes he is, and I’m in here too.” Rodney snapped
“Oh!” the reply came in an amused tone. How the hell did she pick up on that and not notice McKay hitting on her. Geeks. Definitely time to put her on Major Lorne’s team.
“Radek’s just bringing the power back up.” she said through the door. “Hang tight.”
Then the lights flickered and the door opened. John realised he was going to have to do something about this Rodney problem. Short term response was to have a very cold shower.
“You two ok?” the linguist asked.
“Yes, yes fine.” Rodney snapped. “Now where’s Zelenka?”
“It was Kavanaugh, not Radek.” she said as John made his escape to his quarters, before Rodney committed GBH, with him in earshot. This was the only way he could allow Kavanaugh to get his ass whupped, without he himself being obligated to stop it.

As he’d feared cold showers, were a short term solution. He fancied his best friend, which meant either coping, getting over it, or risking their friendship for something more. However getting over it wasn’t going to happen soon, and coping was getting harder. He was still a geek at heart, even if Rodney did call him Kirk, those women flirted outrageously and they flirted with him first. He was not one to pass up on nookie when it was offered. He needed to talk to someone about it, who wasn’t Rodney, who would understand and keep a secret.
Late as it was, Carson Beckett was in his office, at the side of the infirmary. John knocked on the door.
“Come in lad.” said Beckett in his usual warm voice.
“Hi Carson.” he said. “Um, can I?” he motioned to close the door.
“Course.” Beckett said, realising the importance of shutting the world out of a conversation.
“You alright John?”
“I’m fine, just I need to vent a little.” John said, “and you’re the only friend I could think of that I could talk about it to.”
Carson nodded. “Well I hope I can help, sit down John.”
John sat, and opened his mouth fully intending to say. ‘Well I’ve realised that I’m coveting Rodney’s ass.’ or some other witty remark. But he couldn’t. He grinned ruefully, and rubbed the back of his neck, colour rising in his cheeks. “This is a little hard.”
“Don’t worry son.” Carson said patiently.
“It’s Rodney.” John finally said.
“Is he alright?” Carson asked
“I think that’s the problem.” John sighed.
“Oh!” Carson had managed to achieve the exact same tone as the linguist had weeks before, the day when it had finally hit him that he liked Rodney more than the just best friend category, and the cold showers had started.
“I didn’t know,” Carson continued. “It wasn’t on your record.”
“Well there hasn’t been anyone to put on the record since before I started at the Academy, and beside no one asked, so I didn’t tell.”
Carson muttered something that sounded like Draconian rules. John half smiled.
“I’ve always felt it’s the person inside that was important, and well both men and women can be comely.”
“But Rodney.”
“Hey my better judgement went AWOL on this one.” John sighed. “It’s driving me nuts.”
Carson nodded. “I can well believe that John.”
“I don’t even think I’d even really thought about it until he tried to ask that little linguist out.”
“He did?” Carson snorted.
“Yeah.” John laughed. “Very badly, and he hadn’t got a chance.”
“No, I think Marcus Lorne might have had something to say about that.”
“That’s it she’s definitely going on his team.” John said.
Carson gave him the ‘oh’ look for the second time that night.
“It’s not like he’s chatted up women before.” John said. “I mean with that brotherhood thing.” he thought for a minute. “And Katie Brown asked him out, and he promptly ran away until Laura stepped in.”
“Oh don’t remind me.” Carson groaned. “Maybe you’re seeing it in the classical sense. Ancient Greeks saw adultery away from the homeland as acceptable. But once it was on home territory, it wasn’t tolerated at all.”
John nodded, it kind of made sense. “Still what do I do?” he sighed unhappily. Carson looked at him, and in the voice he gave for diagnosis he said. “1. You could tell him how you feel. 2. Don’t tell him. 3. Flirt with him and see if he takes the hint.”

John left shortly a while later, with an idea of what he was going to do, and praying to whatever god was listening. He stopped by the lab on a whim. It was empty except for one figure tapping away on a laptop. Rodney. John stood in the door and looked at him, and tried to work out how so many not perfect things, put together in that precise way, made someone so unique and right. Like a geode, rough on the outside and shining on the inside. Or an uncut diamond, with its course edges, but with polish and skill it became a perfect diamond out of the rough. John smiled to himself and walked into the room.
“Hey.” he said. But Rodney didn’t notice him until John lay his hand on Rodney’s shoulder.
Rodney jumped. “Sheppard?” he questioned. “Why are you here?”
“I could ask the same. I wanted to see if you were ok.” The shoulder under his hand was a tight mass off muscle. He guessed he’d never really noticed the effect of life on Atlantis, and how it had managed to hone the couch potatoes of the expedition.
“Jesus McKay. Do you ever relax?”
“No time.” Rodney replied going back to his computer. John put his other hand on Rodney’s other shoulder and kneaded lightly. then with more pressure.
“What are you…Jeez ow! Colonel” McKay barked as John started work on the first knot.
“It’d hurt less if you kept still.”
“Ow, quit it!” McKay said, but he stopped moving. A while later John had done as much as he could without having Rodney lie down on his front and his shirt off. No wait, too late, he had the image in his minds eye, and damn it if it wasn’t making him hard.
“You stopped.” Rodney so plaintively, that it made John’s cock twitch slightly.
“Well I’ve don’t as much as I can without you lying down and with your clothes on.”
He held his breath and winced at how corny that sounded, and wondered if that had been obvious enough for Rodney to get the hint.
John smiled, Rodney had liked it, point to him. John swallowed, and waited.
“Okay then.” Rodney stood up and stretched.
“Oh that’s better.” he smiled, a genuine snark free smile. John contemplated giving himself another talk, especially as he could see the dark trail of hair on Rodney’s lower abdomen as the scientist stretched.
He followed Rodney to the transporter and to Rodney’s own room, which was tidy, which surprised the Colonel.
“Come in.” Rodney said, as they crossed the threshold, and he kicked his shoes off. “Make yourself at home.”
John nodded, not quite trusting himself to speak, as he undid his shoes, as Rodney pulled his shirt off to reveal a stout yet muscular body. John swallowed again.
“Lie on your front.” John managed to say, once he’d got his shoes off, and moved to perch on the edge of the bed. Rodney obeyed and John reached over Rodney’s back and began to work out those knots he’d loosened back in the lab.
As he worked he made sure he stayed perched on the side of the bed, if he’d actually sat in the best place, he’d have probably have freaked Rodney out, and left having to explain that no it wasn’t a gun in his pocket.
“Done.” he said at last.
“Thank you.” Rodney said sitting up and yawned.
“Well I think someone’s relaxed.”
“Yeah it hurt like hell at first though.”
“That’s because you get too wound up.” John said prodding Rodney.
“Quit it.” Rodney said, which caused John to start prodding him with both hands, and Rodney poked back. Then John started laughing as he poked.
“No.” and he kept poking, because he was really beginning to enjoy this.
“Quit it that tickles!” Rodney yelped with laughter, as he poked back. John started to tickle him, and unexpectedly Rodney grabbed his hands and quickly pushed them up and back so John was pushed on the bed with his hands held immobile above his head and Rodney moved to straddle him before he knew what was happening.
“Can’t move can you John?” he smiled smugly down at John. But the blood left his brain and straight down to his already hard cock, and his pupils dilated so fast that he was slightly blinded, not to mention his breathing was short. He’d have put it down to a defensive move, if and this was a big if, Rodney wasn’t rubbing his cock against his own, whimpering slightly.
John was about to ask the very asinine question of what Rodney was doing but it came out as “uuuuuh”
“I could shoot you sometimes John.” Rodney said, before kissing him. The kiss was aggressive and wild, and combined with the feel of Rodney rubbing against him, was chasing all coherent thought out the window. So he kissed Rodney back with equal intensity and moved his hips, making them both groan.
And then with a growl from Rodney, it stopped. Rodney released John, and John felt cold and missed the weight, as Rodney sat on the bed next to him. John sat up panting and dazed.
“Huh?” he huffed, and Rodney looked at him, and he understood. Rodney seemed to have a major crush on his best friend too.
“I…” Rodney said. “You…”
“I know.” John said. “I wasn’t expecting that. Pleasantly surprised though.” he reached out to put his hand on Rodney’s thigh.
“Just you were the last person who I thought would be..”
“Interested in fucking me?”
“Believe it or not I’m a little socially inept too, I was a geek you know. Math club and everything.” John said reaching out to kiss Rodney again, gently sucking on his bottom lip, before licking his way inside. Rodney let him and returned the favour.
“You can’t be a geek.” Rodney said in between kisses.
“Perspective.” John said, “I can remember pi to 30 places, and I know Klingon. Does that count?”
Rodney nodded before reaching between them and put his hand on John’s swollen crotch and rubbed.
“Shit.” John moaned into Rodney’s neck.
“Lean back.” Rodney said softly. In his ear and pushed lightly. John complied, his breath rugged as he rubbed against Rodney’s hand trying to make it better. Then Rodney’s hand was gone, and was pulling John’s T-shirt off, he stroked the hair that covered John’s chest and down to his trousers, which he undid easily and pulled them down pants and all. Rodney breathed out in awe, hey it wasn’t everyday you’d got the man you’d been fantasizing about naked in bed was it? John pulled him down for another kiss while his hands made short work of Rodney’s remaining clothes.
“Lie back” Rodney said again, John did as was damn well told. Rodney settled between his knees.
“Lie still.” he said as he took John’s cock in his mouth. His mouth was hot, wet and knew exactly what it was doing, causing John’s hip to buck involuntarily. Rodney pulled away with a plop.
“Lie still.” he growled, and John was torn between flipping him over and fucking his brains out or letting Rodney do it to him. As a hand cupped his balls and a finger stroking from his anus along his perineum, while sucking on him, he knew he couldn’t hold it for long. He tried to moan Rodney’s name but it came out without consonants or vowels for that matter. He was close and had lost control, he moved instinctively, one hand resting on Rodney’s head and wondering if the man understood the phrase gag reflex, then Rodney released him.
Rodney leaned over him, reaching for the lube that was in the bedside table.
“Roll over John.” Rodney said and leant down, and licked John’s anus. John had forgotten how nice that felt. Then he felt a coolness as Rodney applied the lube, and pushed in a finger. While he whispered in John’s ear.
“I want to be in you, I want to fuck you.”
John moaned, partly from what Rodney was saying, and that he’d started with the second finger.
“Jesus Rodney!” he gasped, as Rodney hit his prostate. Deeming it time, Rodney pushed in a third finger. John moaned into the bed. Then the clever fingers were gone.
“Wait!” John gasped as Rodney was about to squeeze more lube into his hands. “Let me do it.”
It was Rodney’s turn for his eyes to go wide, and John reached for lube, squeezed it into his palm. and wrapped his hand around Rodney’s cock, and slowly coated the whole shaft while he kissed Rodney.
“Turn round.” Rodney gasped. “I want to be in you.”
John turned and felt Rodney’s cock brush near his anus, and there was that teasing pressure, and then pushing and stretching.
“Shit John.” Rodney moaned and he began to move, and he reached forward to wrap his hand around John’s cock, as he quickened his pace. A keening rose in John’s throat as he felt it build in the base of his spine, from the bottom of his toes, and Rodney’s moans increased in pitch.
Then his brain blew out of his ears, and he felt Rodney’s release inside him, pushed over the spasms in John’s body. They collapsed drowsily in a dizzy half conscious, completely sated state.
Rodney withdrew and John turned to kiss Rodney and pull him into his arms.

John decided that today was a good day.